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Jovan Belcher Was Legally Drunk At Time of December Murder-Suicide

When Jovan Belcher murdered his girlfriend Cassandra Perkins on December 1st, an autopsy has revealed that he was legally drunk at the time. According to the autopsy report, Belcher had a blood alcohol level of 0.17 at the time of his suicide and experts speculate that his blood alcohol level was likely higher when he shot Perkins.

New details reveal that Perkins was shot a total of 9 times in her neck, chest, abdomen, hip, back, leg and hand.

Right after the murder-suicide, police dashboard footage surfaced of local police pulling over Belcher early on Saturday morning, mere hours before he would commit the heinous crime. Later reports indicated that there was an argument that preceded the murder of Perkins and that the couple had been arguing a lot prior to December 1st.

The arguments, according to reports, centered on Belcher’s financial situation and his second girlfriend, one that he had behind Perkins’ back.

Some had speculated prior to the autopsy that alcohol might have played a significant role in the tragic series of events, and that now seems to unfortunately be the case. The finding that Belcher was drunk at the time he pulled the trigger nine times on Perkins serves to only make this entire incident even more gut-wrenching and tragic, as we know now it was entirely avoidable.

Had Belcher not been drunk the morning of December 1st, there’s a fairly certain chance that the world would have both Perkins and Belcher in it today, and their orphaned baby would have both her parents.


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