NFL Mock Draft 2013: Updated Post-Divisional Round Mock Draft

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16.  St. Louis Rams –  Chance Warmack, Guard, Alabama

St. Louis needs to build in the trenches and Warmack is among the best offensive guard prospects in nearly a decade. The Rams will likely be targeting a right tackle with this pick, but most of the options at pick 16 would be considered a reach. Warmack, however, is great value and would be hard to pass up.

17.  Pittsburgh Steelers – Manti Te’o, Linebacker, Notre Dame

Pittsburgh needs to go through a youth movement on the defensive side of the ball and there would be no better way to start than to bring in Manti Te’o. Te’o would be a star in the Steelers scheme as he would be able to run free with the big bodies up front eating up blockers. Te’o also brings incredible leadership which would be valuable to Pittsburgh when their aging stars are out the door.

18. Dallas Cowboys – Shariff Floyd, Defensive Tackle, Florida

Dallas is transitioning to a 4-3 defense under Monte Kiffin and Floyd would be a brilliant fit in the scheme. The transition to the 40 front should not be a problem for the Cowboys if they can add a 3-technique pass rushing defensive tackle to the mix. That is where Floyd can immediately be plugged in and make an impact.

19. New York Giants – Ezekial Ansah, Defensive End, BYU

Ansah is a freak athlete who still has so much untapped potential. Ansah is still new to the game, but he has the natural talent to join the Giants defensive line and learn from their veterans. Is there any better way to compliment a player like Jason Pierre-Paul than with a player who can develop into his clone?

20. Chicago Bears – Arthur Brown, Linebacker, Kansas State

The Bears will need an eventual replacement for Brian Urlacher and Arthur Brown could prove to be that man. Brown is considered an undersized linebacker with unmatched vision that flies around the ball with reckless abandon. He would be a welcomed addition to the Chicago linebacker corp.

 21. Cincinnati Bengals – Kenny Vaccaro, Safety, Texas

In a division with Ben Roethlisberger and his speedy wideouts, Joe Flacco who is coming into his own and then the Browns who are preparing to install a vertical passing game, you need to add help in the secondary. What better way to do that than to add a rangy safety?

22. St. Louis Rams (From Redskins) – Tyler Eifert, Tight End, Notre Dame

The Rams are bolstering the offensive line, but they also need to provide targets for Sam Bradford. There is no better way to bring comfort to a young quarterback than to bring in a reliable, sure-handed tight end that the signal-caller can use as a safety blanket. Eifert would provide Bradford that comfort.

23. Minnesota Vikings – Keenan Allen, Wide Receiver, Cal

There are some whispers that the Vikings could be moving on from Percy Harvin in the offseason, so the Vikings will need to find a replacement. Allen is a versatile wide receiver who could fill the void Harvin’s departure would leave, while adding a more reliable target and legitimate receiving threat for Christian Ponder.

24. Indianapolis Colts – Johnathan Hankins, Defensive Tackle, Ohio State

Indianapolis needs to bring in talent to complete their transition to the 3-4. Hankins is a massive man who could anchor the center of the team’s 30 front. He would become the Colts linebackers best friend.

25. Seattle Seahawks –  D.J. Fluker, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

Seattle could benefit from adding another pass rusher in this year’s class, but they also have a big need at right tackle. Fluker is a pure right tackle and fits in perfectly with the tough, gritty attitude that Pete Carroll has brought to Seattle. If you have a power running offense, Fluker is your man.

26. Green Bay Packers– Zach Ertz, Tight End, Stanford

Reports have indicated that the Packers are ready to move on from tight end Jermichael Finley, so they would need to find a replacement. Ertz is one of two tight ends that will grade out as first-round prospects. While Eifert may be the more dynamic passing threat, Ertz is the more well-rounded of the two prospects.

27. Houston Texans - Tavon Austin, Wide Receiver, West Virginia

It was obvious all season long that the Texans need to add a threat in the slot and in the return game. The team can kill two birds with one stone if they bring in dynamic West Virginia wideout Tavon Austin. His skill set is perfect for what the Texans need. Another name to watch with the Texans pick is LSU linebacker Kevin Minter, who would also fill a big need.

28. Denver Broncos – Xavier Rhodes, Cornerback, Florida State

Champ Bailey looked lost on Saturday against the Baltimore Ravens and Torrey Smith. Smith was having his way with Bailey, who looked slow and ready for the end of his career. Rhodes brings some much needed youth to the defensive backfield in Denver and some speed that they currently lack.

29.  Baltimore Ravens – Alec Ogletree, Linebacker, Georgia

Ray Lewis is retiring. Did you hear that yet? With that news, Baltimore will need to add another young linebacker to build up in the middle of the defense. Alec Ogletree is the top available interior linebacker at this pick.

30. San Francisco 49ers – Eric Reid, Safety, LSU

Free safety is a place that the 49ers could benefit from improving on and Reid is just what the doctor ordered. He’s a fast, rangy safety that isn’t afraid to lay the big hit. He would allow the 49ers to move on from Dashon Goldson without missing a beat.

31. New England Patriots – Barrett Jones, Offensive Line, Alabama

Bill Belichick loves versatile players and Barrett Jones is among the most versatile linemen in this year’s class. Jones can play center or both guard positions. He will be highly valued by a coach like The Hoody.

32. Atlanta Falcons – Sam Montgomery, Defensive End, LSU

Atlanta could use some additional pass rushers and Montgomery would be a great value for the team with the last pick in the first round. Montgomery is a natural pass rusher and will bring an immediately boost the defensive line’s overall speed. He fills a clear void and gives the team a future replacement for John Abraham.

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  • Troy Baker

    AZ Cards will draft Off Tack. Period. They invested in Kolb and no QB had time to throw.

    • Josh Sanchez

      They will be able to get rid of Kolb this offseason for relatively cheap this offseason. If they were so invested in Kolb, John Skelton wouldn’t have been given so many opportunities.

      • Matt Blake

        I agree, but I also think that if they aren’t in love with a QB at #7, they’ll go OT. Just such a big glaring need there as well. But perhaps they’ll try to move up and grab Geno if KC punts on him. If only they hadn’t fired off those 4 wins early in the season…..

        • Josh Sanchez

          Worst part for the Cardinals is that there are no offensive tackles worth a top ten pick outside of Joeckel. I don’t think they’d want to reach on Eric Fisher.

  • Michael Gartman

    Daneal Manning showed he can be the return guy for the Texans on Sunday. LSU LB Kevin Minter might be a good option for Houston though. Nice job, Josh.

    • Josh Sanchez

      Thanks, Michael. I still think that offense is really lacking a slot receiver and there aren’t many available options that are better than Tavon Austin.


    I just don’t see the Saints passing on Sam Montgomery if they get a d-end I just see him being the best fit other than that looks good.

    • Josh Sanchez

      Dion Jordan is a top fifteen talent, but the labrum surgery will cause him to slide. He would be excellent value for New Orleans in that spot.

  • Joe Flacco’s Eyebrows

    Interesting pick for the Falcons. I wouldn’t be surprised if they trade up for Eifert, Ogletree, or a different pass rusher. Or they could take a RB, according to how fast they are getting drafted.

    • Josh Sanchez

      Being the the NFC South with Drew Brees and Cam Newton, the Falcons need to get a top pass rusher. I think it’d be too hard for them to pass up on Montgomery.

      • Joe Flacco’s Eyebrows

        True, but TG is gone after this year and the Falcons have held off on drafting the next TE and none of the backups have too much experience. Ogletree might not be the best pass rusher, but he’s the best overall LB in this draft. Atlanta pretty much has no one at LB besides Spoon and Dent when healthy. Micheal Turner is done, and Jacquizz isn’t an every down back. Eddie Lacy could be the pick if his stock continues to rise.

        • Josh Sanchez

          I agree on Lacey and TE is a glaring need. If either Eifert or Ertz slide in the draft, Atlanta will snag them. Unfortunately, neither fell in this scenario.


    This Chiefs fan wants….Joeckel!!

    • Josh Sanchez

      That would be a great pick, as well. I can see about five prospects worthy of the top pick. It will all come down to what needs Andy Reid and company address in free agency.

  • Michael_RoT

    Oh, man…Zach Ertz with the Packers? Awesome.

    • Josh Sanchez

      Ertz doesn’t get the love he should from the national media. He is definitely worth a first-round pick.

      • carlosatUCLA

        Can you guys imagine Aaron Rodgers rolling out and he has ERTZ WIDE OPEN IN FRONT OF HIM? Good lord.

        • Josh Sanchez

          It would spell trouble for the NFC North.

  • James King

    Bjoern Werner Sophomore Season Highlights –

    Bjoern Werner Junior Season Highlights –

    made by me

    • Josh Sanchez

      Thanks for sharing, James.

  • bryantdouglass

    Really think Milliner goes to Detroit? Curious if Tampa Bay will trade up seeing as they need secondary help badly…

    • Josh Sanchez

      I’m not sure Tampa Bay can afford to move up as far as they’d need to in order to secure Milliner. It’s more likely that they would sit tight and allow Johnathan Banks to fall into their laps.

      • Leo

        Bucs have an extra fourth round pick from the Talib trade. Could use that to move up a few spots if Milliner is available in the 8-10 range. Would be funny, because they’d essentially be trading talib for milliner in that case.

  • Mike Straw Jr.

    No way the Bills take Nassib at 8. They will likely trade back into the first to pick him, but hes not going at 8. It just wouldn’t make sense

    • Josh Sanchez

      No one know Nassib better than Marrone. If he is the guy Marrone wants, they need to take him in the first. They may be able to trade back in the first and still land him, but I don’t project trades in mocks. If the Bills are hoping to land Nassib in the second, it is becoming less and less likely.

  • Zac Snyder

    With Moore, Werner and Joeckel off the board, I think this represents a worst-case scenario for the Lions. I’m not a fan of them taking Milliner in the top five but there aren’t many alternatives that make sense. Tough spot. If this is the way it plays out I would expect the Lions to try to trade down HARD.

    • Josh Sanchez

      Absolutely, but if they find no trade partners, Milliner is a great pick.

  • carlosatUCLA

    No Barkley in the first round, instead opting for ‘Cuse QB Nassib as the second QB. That’ll make me pretty happy!

    • Josh Sanchez

      It’s possible that Barkley makes the first round, but he needs to improve his draft stock during the next couple of months.

      • carlosatUCLA

        He most likely will. Teams have a tendency to fall in love with QBs in the combines and such. If Barkley does that, who knows? He was off SIX WEEKS between losing to UCLA and getting destroyed by Barr and the Georgia Tech game, where he didn’t even suit up.

      • carlosatUCLA

        He’s very Chad Pennington-y though.

  • Dom DiTolla

    I don’t believe there is an “a” between the “n” and “t” in Johnthan Banks. Solid Mock overall, and I’d dance in the streets if Te’o somehow fell to Pittsburgh.

    • Josh Sanchez

      You are write. Lots of variations of that name in this year’s draft ;)

  • disqus_jVNNc3Y0zB

    Atlanta needs to go rounds 1 through 7 DE,DE,DT,RB,TE,LB,S BASED ON TG/FA Hernandez (patriots) that TE could be a OL preferably a G

  • disqus_jVNNc3Y0zB

    Our defense lost the game today we need to fix it

  • paulbip

    Jarvis Jones could end up in a wheel chair if he has spinal stenosis and plays football. USC was right by not allowing him to play.