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Peter Tebow Apologizes For Trashing Denver Broncos on Twitter

On Sunday night, Peter Tebow, the brother of former Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, took to Twitter to gloat over the loss of the Broncos to the Baltimore Ravens. Tebow held back no punches and expressed how happy he was to see the Broncos lose.

Tebow even went as far as to call the Broncos loss a result of “karma.”

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Now with a day to think about his actions — and most likely a phone call from his brother Timmy — Peter Tebow has once again taken to Twitter, but this time he has kinder words to say and gives off more of the “Mr. Nice Guy” Tebow spirit we have come to expect from his brother.

Tebow took the opportunity to apologize for his actions:

The Tebow’s try to portray a good guy image, but that took a hit when Peter decided to gloat on Twitter. It would be shocking if Tim didn’t have something to do with the apology we all got to read today.

Unfortunately for Tim Tebow, he could be looking for a job this offseason and if his crazy fan base wasn’t enough, he now has to carry the baggage of his brother and that is something that any NFL team will be hesitant to take on.

The Broncos have no responded to the shots they took from Peter Tebow, but they most likely turned the other cheek and have forgiven him for his actions. After all, that’s what Tim would want everyone to do.

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