Super Bowl 2013 Commercials: 'Doritos Crash the Super Bowl' Ad Finalists Announced

For the seventh year in a row, the fine folks at Doritos are running their “Doritos Crash the Super Bowl” contest where amateur filmmakers get their chance at a breakthrough. The filmmakers create thirty second commercials and submit them to the contest.

This year, the top two commercials will air during the Super Bowl with the best ad, as voted on by the USA Today ad meter, will receive a $1 million prize and the chance to work with Michael Bay in the upcoming Transformers film.

You can view more details of the contest HERE.

While the winner gets the big prize, the runners-up will not be going home empty handed.

The second-place ad will receive $600,000, with third-place receiving a modest $400,000 prize. The fourth and fifth-place finalists will each receive $25,000.

Here are videos of the five finalists and feel free to leave a comment telling us which commercial is your favorite:

In my opinion, the little girl tricking the crazy dog into flying out the window is the one that would be the most well-received from the general public. Second would have to be the blind man at the checkout, because when aren’t shots to the nuts funny?

That said, all of the commercials are brilliantly done and deserving of the rewards — except for the fashionista father. That left a lot to be desired, but I did enjoy seeing the Brett Kiesel look-alike.

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