Injury Prevents Denver Mayor from Performing Ray Lewis Dance

Before the Baltimore Ravens flew into Denver and ended the Broncos season, the city’s mayor made a bet that may have been a little more than he could handle. Mayor Michael Hancock said that should the Ravens somehow upset his Denver Broncos, he’d go to town square, hike up his dress pants and perform Ray Lewis’ signature celebration dance.

Okay, maybe he didn’t say anything about hiking up his pants or town square, but as it turns out Hancock also won’t be doing the celebration dance as promised.

According to his office, the mayor suffered an injury in “pre-game warm ups” and will not be able to do with the dance as expected.

The bet went both ways though, as while mayor Hancock was wagering the Ray Lewis dance (and a box of “cowboy-cut” steaks), Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake vowed to illuminate Baltimore’s Washington Monument in blue and orange colors had the Ravens lost.

As we speak, the Baltimore mayoral office is shredding press releases stating that mayor Rawlings-Blake pulled a muscle on the way to the illumination ceremony and will have to postpone holding up her end of the deal.

However, to separate these two good sports from the rest of the rancid toxic garage that makes up the cesspool of politics, mayor Hancock’s office has said that in time and with good health, the mayor plans on eventually doing the Ray Lewis’ dance.

So be sure to mark your calendars folks.


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