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Kenny Britt's Father Says Police Are Saying Untrue Things About his Son

For another straight offseason, Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt is being asked to sit down and have a chat with police officers. Britt’s earlier legal troubles in 2011 prompted his father to say it’s best if his son stayed out of New Jersey, however it’s police in that very state that want to talk to Britt regarding the stabbing of one of his friends (erroneously reported as his brother this weekend).

Up to this point, we’ve heard two different things from the two sides. Britt said that he’s fully cooperating with the police in the investigation, but police are saying that’s simply not true. Yesterday it was reported that New Jersey police publicly stated that they’ve had no contact with Britt and that he’s basically gone AWOL on them.

Britt’s father said today that what the police are saying simply isn’t true.

“Kenny is not running from anyone. He has nothing to hide,” Jack Britt told theTennessean. “He is fully cooperating and the police are saying a lot of things that just aren’t true. They don’t have all the facts. Kenny is going to clear this thing up.”

Jack said that Britt’s friend was stabbed while trying to break up a fight and that his son was simply helping his friend get to the hospital so he could receive the medical attention he needed.

While it’s certainly fishy that Britt didn’t stick around and it’s even more unsettling to hear he’s not cooperating, it’s mildly understandable.

With Britt’s recent run-ins with the law, he’s not very fond of either the police or hearing his name circulated around the NFL news cycle connected to a police report. That excuses what seems to be Britt dumping his friend off at the front door of the hospital Trainspotting-style, but that doesn’t explain his lack of cooperation after the fact.

There seems to be a lot we still don’t know about this. For starters, it was reported for almost 24 hours that Britt’s brother had been stabbed when it turned out it was his friend. Then we were told by Britt that he’s fully cooperating, which New Jersey police didn’t back up. We really know little about this case, but already it’s painting another bad picture of Britt for the public.

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