Johnny Manziel Says No One At A&M Has Told Him to Mellow Out

It seems that if somebody wants an opinion on a major matter in college sports, they consult Johnny Manziel. So naturally, when the Manti Te’o hoax story broke, we were all wondering what Johnny Football thought of the whole situation.

“Nobody could believe that.” Manziel said of the hoax. “It was a shock for the entire sports world … and I’m just as shocked as anybody else.”

Manziel’s opinion is actually relevant, as he got to know Te’o pretty well when the two met each other before this year’s Heisman Trophy presentation and at the Walter Camp Awards dinner . Despite being close to Te’o, Manziel said he was mind-blown that Te’o was involved in the hoax, but didn’t hint as to whether or not he thought the Notre Dame linebacker was guilty of actually participating.

Another thing Manziel mentioned was in regards his recent Twitter activity and the trouble he’s been getting into outside of class. Manziel has garnered the attention the gossip site TMZ, recently tweeting a photo of himself at a casino with a wad of cash. He was also busted for speeding not too long ago, which has many of his fans worried he’s starting down a dark path that some young and talented quarterbacks tend to follow.

It was widely reported that Manziel’s parents had a sit-down with the school to discuss their son’s behavior, but the quarterback says no one at the school has told him to tone down his behavior or mellow out his party habits.

However, although no one has supposedly approached the quarterback telling him to take a chill pill, Manziel says he’ll likely think twice before he goes public with the things he does behind the scenes.

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