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St. Louis Rams Meet with Rob Ryan

Earlier in the month, the Dallas Cowboys fired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan who immediately said he’d not be out of a job very long. Some  reporters took that as a sign, and erroneously reported that he’d been hired as the new defensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams. This prompted Ryan to let the world know he was on a beach and nowhere near St. Louis and had, at that point, not been contacted by anyone from the Rams.

It appears that has now changed, as the Rams and Ryan have officially met with one another regarding Ryan coming aboard as Jeff Fisher’s defensive coordinator in St. Louis.

Many believe Ryan was ousted in Dallas because of his boisterous personality, one that may have clashed with the totalitarian rule of Jerry Jones. However, Jones cites two specific losses as the reason Ryan was fired. Dallas’ week 2 loss to the Seahawks and their week 4 thumping by the Bears were cited as reasons Ryan was let go, as both games featured a completely healthy yet non-existent defense.

Jeff Fisher and the Rams recently severed their ties with Gregg Williams, who was hired as the Rams defensive coordinator last season right before the bounty-gate scandal exploded and soiled the name and reputation of Williams. Not to mention, Williams was suspended for the 2012 season and has yet to hear of when he’ll be reinstated, however Williams is in contact with the NFL over ironing out such matters.

So not only does Ryan being hired in St. Louis make sense for that reason, but Jeff Fisher has deep ties with the Ryan family. Fisher played on Buddy Ryan’s Chicago Bears defense in the 80s and coached under him in Philadelphia a few years later. It was Buddy Ryan who got Fisher into coaching, as during Fisher’s injured 1985 season, he assisted Ryan in coaching the Bears defense, a defense regarded as the best ever in NFL history.

Rob Ryan’s been out of work longer than his predicted five minutes, but he was right about one thing: he won’t be out of work very long.

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