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Bill Cowher Unintentionally Plugs Skoal During NFL on CBS Studio Show (Photo)

It has been an interesting day in the wide world of sports. We’ve had the introduction of “Ray Lewising,” Russell Westbrook goaltending a mascot’s halfcourt shot, this very bizarre cuddling moment from Lewis, Shannon Sharpe calling out Bill Belichick and then the unintentional plug of a tobacco product from CBS analyst Bill Cowher in the studio.

When cameras began rolling back in the studio, Cowher must have forgotten to put his can of chew back in his pocket. Instead, Cowher let his can of Skoal sitting out by his Sharpie for all of the world to see.

Here is the moment captured:

It’s a minor slip up for Cowher, but it is a little mistake that we can all get a laugh out of.

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