Dennis Pitta Takes Monstrous Hit From Jared Mayo, Scores on Next Play (GIF)

The Baltimore Ravens are fighting to stay with the New England Patriots and they’re doing an excellent job of it in the second half. With just over six minutes remaining in the third quarter, Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta was absolutely annihilated by Patriots linebacker Jared Mayo, but he popped right back up and caught a lead changing touchdown for Baltimore the very next play.

Pitta’s 5-yard touchdown reception gave the Ravens their second lead of the game and fully shifted the momentum to the Baltimore side of the field. Things started getting shaky for the Patriots towards the end of the first half when Tom Brady butchered his clock management and forced the Patriots to settle for just a field goal.

That has, for the moment, looked like a very haunting series of events as New England has totally lost its swagger in the second half and is in danger of falling even further behind the Ravens.

After having last season’s AFC Championship game come down to the leg of their kicker, the Ravens would like nothing more than to secure a victory well ahead of time and just skip the last minute drama all together. When you’re facing Tom Brady in the postseason though, last minute drama is always imminent but the Ravens are starting to get their footing and thanks to Pitta, might be in line to put this one away pretty soon.

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