Stevan Ridley Knocked Out Cold after Helmet-to-Helmet Hit (GIF)

With the Ravens pulling away from the Patriots late int he fourth quarter, we has a chillingly scary moment when New England running back Stevan Ridley took a nasty blow to the head and went limp immediately. Ridley fumbled the ball but that was the least of the Patriots concerns as the hit echoed through the stadium as soon as it happened.

Ridley took a handoff from Tom Brady but when he lowered his head to truck a blow, the crown of his helmet met that of Ravens linebacker Bernard Pollard and the result was pretty scary. Naturally, Ridley seized up a bit, clenching his fists while the rest of him went totally limp, and as a result he fumbled the ball. The loose ball was recovered by Baltimore but everyone was more focused on Ridley after the hit.

After a few minutes of receiving attention from the medical staff, Ridley popped up and walked over to the Patriots sideline to be “evaluated for a concussion”. All the evaluation you need to diagnose Ridley’s concussion is in the GIF above, but it goes without saying that he will not be returning to the game. The fumble lead to a Ravens touchdown which means were are mere minutes away from a Harbaugh Bowl becoming official.

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