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J.R. Smith Slams Kris Humphries on Twitter over Kim Kardashian

The New York Knicks took on the Brooklyn Nets last night and ended up losing at home in the Garden. Kris Humphries, who has been taking more than a fair amount of heat for his failed publicity stunt of a marriage to Kim Kardashian, responded to his Knicks critics on Twitter last night, taunting them they they taunt him.


This prompted Knicks guard J.R. Smith to respond with a knock out blow, winning the little squabble with one decisive Tweet.


The tweet was the equivalent to getting burned and thinking of something clever to say well after the fact. Smith missed a jumper at the buzzer against the Nets, but came back with the zinger not too long after.

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Humphries is right back into the thick of things when it comes to Kim Kardashian and his sham marriage to her. Not only is Humphries still technically married to Kardashian, her sister bashed Humphries recently on one of the eight million shows that family has on E!.

Basically, Khloe — the one married to Lamar Odom– ranted about how big of waste of Kim’s time it was to be married to Kris and that the family thinks of it all as a bad dream  (I promise you didn’t watch it, my girlfriend did).

All of this basically means we’re going to have to hear about this lame story about a lame celebrity and a lame basketball star for even longer than we should.

Thank goodness for people like J.R. Smith for making it some what tolerable.

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