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Michael Jordan Starstruck Upon Meeting Justin Bieber

So, this is it folks. The greatest icon in professional sports history was reduced to tears upon meeting a Canadian pop star. Okay, maybe Michael Jordan didn’t shriek like a little girl when he met Justin Bieber Tuesday but he stopped and posed for a photo with the teen sensation which is a lot more than most Bulls fans would have liked him to do.

Bieber was in Charlotte on the next leg of his Believe tour when he ran into the six-time NBA champion. The dup posed for a photo and the saddest thing about that is Jordan has on the biggest smile he’s shown publicly in years.

The young pop star wears an expression on his face that screams oh my god that’s Michael Jordan. But at the same time Jordan’s face bears an expression that screams oh my god I’M TOUCHING JUSTIN BIEBER!!!

Bulls fans — and basketball fans– everywhere are cringing upon seeing their childhood hero be reduced to yet another celebrity that sees it fit to strike a pose with Bieber.

Nothing against the Bieb-ster, who has more money and women than I could ever hope to have. But his relevance within the sports world should be very minor, yet he manages to pop up everywhere. From boxing matches, to basketball games and most likely the Super Bowl, Bieber is smearing his oily teenage face all over the sports world.

And I suppose, more power to him. If I was 18-years old and someone offered me a picture with Michael Jordan, a chance to party with Floyd Mayweather and free Super Bowl tickets, well I’m not sure there’s a man in America who turns any of that that down.

However, it’s just a little gross how easily he makes titans like Michael Jordan weak in the knees upon meeting him, when it really should be the other way around. This now marks consecutive days where I’ve punched up articles about Kim Kardashian and now Justin Bieber with relevance to the sports world.

My faith in humanity is dead.

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