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NASCAR Driver Acts Like A Redneck In Front Of German Reporter Who Doesn’t Know What a Redneck Is

The headline really says it all. NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer didn’t do his part in squashing the image that NASCAR is a sport solely for ‘rednecks’ who live in the American south. He also won’t be invited to be a foreign diplomat in charge of popularizing NASCAR in Europe. While being interviewed by German reporter Wolfgang Monsehr, Bowyer channeled and embodied every stereotype foreigners have about Americans.

To start things off, Bowyer asked Monsehr if they have ‘rednecks’ in Europe. When the reporter replied he didn’t know what a redneck was, Bowyer didn’t miss a beat in doing his best Ricky Bobby impression.

“I’m going to redneck it up big time,” Bowyer said. “Should I wear cowboy boots in the Ferrari? That’s a redneck, by the way.”

Monsehr, still absolutely confused, asked if wearing a cowboy hat is what makes one a redneck. From there Monsehr told Bowyer that they have people like that in northern Germany but those people are generally regarded as less intelligent than the rest of the population.

The whole thing played out like some awkward skit from Borat, but for all intents and purposes, this wasn’t a bit and was 100 percent real — and therefore 100 percent golden.

Here’s a transcript of how the interview played out, via USA Today:

Bowyer: “Do they have rednecks in Europe?”

Monsehr: “I have no idea what this word means.”

Bowyer: “I’m going to redneck it up big time. Should I wear cowboy boots in the Ferrari? That’s a redneck, by the way.”

Monsehr: “That’s a redneck, to wear cowboy boots?”

Bowyer: “With the firesuit tucked in. That’s full-on redneck.”

Monsehr: “We have some of those people living in Germany in the north.”

Bowyer: “Oh!”

Monsehr: “But German rednecks are regarded as less intelligent than the rest of us.”

Bowyer: “Yeah, that’s us!”

And God bless America.

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