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Ndamukong Suh Says He'd Never Kick a Man in the Groin

Last Thanksgiving, Ndamukong Suh solidified his ‘bad-boy’ image when he stomped on the bicep of Green Bay Packers center Evan Dietrich-Smith. Then this Thanksgiving he was seen allegedly kicking Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub in the groin, which didn’t help to put out any fires Suh had started with his style of play.

But while NFL fans have a pretty good idea of who Suh is, the defensive tackle says people actually have no idea who he is. Suh said should they get to know Nadmukong Suh the person and not the football player, they’d know he’s a cuddly teddy bear who never kick a man in his most precious of areas.

“I wish people took the time to get to know me,” Suh said. “People kind of had their minds made up already. I would never want to kick someone in that area.”

There was no suspension or fine for the shot to the groin, which proved to be a rare instance when the NFL didn’t fine a player for something he did on the field in 2012. To put it in perspective, Tom Brady was fined $10,000 for a similar kick to Ed Reed in the AFC Championship game and Frank Gore was fined $10,500 for a sock violation.

Basically, if you’re an NFL player, it’s okay to kick a guy as long as it’s a shot to the groin and your socks are the right height when you do it.

Suh is trying to say he’s an innocent man but that’s a work in progress. Suh can’t seriously expect us all to just forget everything he’s done since his rookie season in 2011, rather a better strategy would be to show the world that you’re a changed man.

He’s kind of doing that, as he’s set to star in a new reality game show with Miss Alabama Katherine Webb. It’s not quite “Dancing with the Stars”, but at least Suh is trying to rehabilitate his image as a dirty player.

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