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Super Bowl XLVII: Fans Petition White House to Move President’s Day to Monday After Super Bowl

If there is two things American’s love, it’s watching the Super Bowl and getting a day off from work. If you’re a fan of either of these things, then you’re in luck as a White House petition has been started that urges President Obama to move President’s Day to the Monday following the Super Bowl rather than some random Monday in February.

The petition reads:

President’s Day is currently celebrated on the third Monday in February. While formally known as Washington’s Birthday, this federal holiday has been commonly celebrated as President’s Day for decades. Therefore, it is not necessary to observe the more generic President’s Day on this date. Since the Super Bowl has become an annual event celebrated by most Americans on a Sunday evening in early February, President’s Day should be observed on the following day to give our citizens extra rest and to help lift our spirits.

This petition is brilliant for a number of reasons, chief among them being the fact that no one’s trying to mask the fact that President’s Day would essentially become National Hangover Day. But while that sounds like it’s disrespectful to George Washington, it’s actually a really good and safe idea.

Think about how many people drink on an average weekend. Now think about how many people drink on the average Super Bowl weekend and you begin to see why this wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world. The Monday following the Super Bowl is one of the most unproductive Monday’s every year in America, so just making it a Holiday is almost a technicality at this point.

Besides, if you deem moving George Washington’s birthday to the Monday after the Super Bowl disrespectful, then we better get some parades that day or something. When was the last time anyone seriously cared when George Washington was born? I was in elementary school and the coolest thing about GW’s birthday was that I didn’t have school.

Now, as grown adults, the coolest thing about George Washington’s birthday is we don’t have to work — well most of us anyways.

American’s haven’t come up with very many good ideas lately but moving President’s Day to the Monday after the Super Bowl doesn’t only make sense  but it’s the best idea we’ve had in quite some time.

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  • Kevin Murphy


  • Boston2AZ

    Yeah. Like EVERYBODY wants to have their holidays tied to the NFL. Maybe we should have the day after the Pro Bowl off, too. You know, just to come down from the excitement.

  • Karl Bonner AkaBonneromics

    Since 2002 the Superbowl has always been the first Sunday in February. It so happens that this is also the midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, known to modern-day Pagans as Imbolc. It would be hilarious if someday we could go around asking “What’s YOUR family doing for Imbolc Weekend this year?”

  • disqus_z4DP5jb9WM

    There is no Federal holiday called “Presidents Day”. Never has been. Are we talking about Washington’s Birthday?? (the 3rd Monday in February). Presidents day is a made up day to sell mattresses.