Super Bowl Ads 2013: Century 21 Real Estate “Wedding” Commercial

Super Bowl Sunday is loaded with a little bit of everything so that we can all come together and enjoy the day. Whether you are a lover of snack foods, prop bets, football, commercials or the occasional adult beverage, Super Bowl Sunday has that special something for you.

Following the game, the Super Bowl ads are one of the most talked about aspects of the night. Companies spend absurd amounts of money to get a thirty second spot during the big game.

We have already shown the finalists for the Doritos: Crash the Super Bowl ad and’s Super Bowl ad featuring Danica Patrick, and now another company has given a sneak peak of their Super Bowl commercial.

Century 21 Real Estate unveiled their Super Bowl ad titled “Wedding.”

The ad features a wedding ceremony, go figure, that includes a wife and her nervous husband to be. The husband doesn’t seem to thrilled about the idea of moving in with his mother-in-law, so a Century 21 agent must come to the rescue.

The idea is there, but the execution seems off. It is more of a commercial that will get a little chuckle than one that will be memorable at the conclusion of the night.

Here is the Century 21 ad:

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  • eriksuperman

    I see that Super Bowl commercials, for a 30-second spot,
    have reached a new record level for the price tag at $4 Million apiece. I
    also see a bunch of websites with trailers and teasers, and sometimes showing
    the full commercial before it even airs. These things being considered,
    why play commercials at ALL during the game? I can’t stand commercials,
    and would eliminate them entirely if I could. I have the DISH hopper, and
    with my AutoHop feature I can set it to automatically skip commercials on my
    PrimeTime Anytime recordings when I watch them the following day. I
    normally watch them at this time anyway, considering the late hours I work at
    DISH, and it saves me a ton of time watching minus the ads. When I got a
    DVR the first time, I LOVED that I could fast-forward through commercials; this
    makes it even better!