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New England Patriots Trade Rumors: Should Team Deal Tom Brady?

Jan 20, 2013; Foxboro, MA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) reacts during the fourth quarter of the AFC championship game against the Baltimore Ravens at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots fell short of a Super Bowl XLVII when they lost to the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship. The Patriots loss has apparently hit the New England media harder than the rest of the fan base and one reporter has used his platform to call for a trade of franchise quarterback Tom Brady in his editorial titled, “Bye Bye Brady.”

From Hector Longo of the Eagle-Tribune:

Are Tom Brady’s best days behind him?

My opinion? Yes. He’s still elite, top three or four. But he’s not the best of the best any more. We’ve seen too much in big games the last handful of years.

Deal him. Deal him now, while you can have access to some really high bidders.

I’m not talking for a bag of footballs and some ex-CFL scrubbinis either.

Brady, even at age 35, should command a deal of at the least Ricky Williams proportions (somebody’s entire draft) or maybe even to the extremes that the Vikings paid Dallas for Herschel Walker (two 1sts, two 2nds, two 3rds).

On the surface, I understand the call for a trade, and while it may make a lot of sense for the Patriots to trade Brady while there would be a market, the move is unrealistic and unlikely. If there was a time for New England to trade their franchise signal-caller, it would have been when he was coming off of a torn ACL. Instead, the team stuck by him and it paid off.

It would be shocking if the team was to put any real thought in to trading their star quarterback.

What do you think? Should the Patriots deal Brady or stick with him for the next few years and make another run at a title? Let your opinion be heard by sounding off in the comments section and voting in our poll.

Should New England Patriots trade Tom Brady?

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Here is what Brady could look like suited up for a new team:


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  • Merelyn


  • Matthew Wu

    As a Patriots fan I believe the idea of trading Brady is insane, but the Patriots as an organization operate on such a in-personal, and business like sense that it wouldn’t completely shock me if they did trade Brady. Nonetheless, I don’t think they’ll trade him unless they’re getting someone in return who can potentially replace Brady or they’ve seen enough of Mallet in practice to give Mallet the keys to the offense.

    • Troy Baker

      its crazy….but if they knew Brady had only a year or two left why not get a few players worth 12 years ea

  • Jarret

    Brady is the reason we even get to AFCC games and Super Bowls. Come on now. It sounds like these are people who didn’t follow the Patriots before Belichick and Brady. Or just lost the memories of pre-BB area.

  • Christine Jacobia

    I agree with Merelyn…are you completely off your rocker? No, the team may not fall completely apart without him, as people like to bring up the 2008 season, but Mallett is no where near ready to take the reins and who would replace him? Given this year’s draft class…NO one! I lived through the years of no-name QBs and flashes of greatest like Tony Eason who could not close the deal even once and Steve Grogan had to rescue the 1986 Super Bowl from being a shut out by the Bears. I would rather have Brady past his prime than most QBs in theirs!

  • D.j. Williams

    Lol too funny!!! How about trade Welker for a few good defensive players! That is our problem our Defense can’t perform when it matters! Our Offense needs REAL receivers not these tiny ones.

  • Shane Hicks

    I trade him. He is awesome, no doubt. He has easy five great years ahead of him. They are not giving him a deep threat and he has to have that at this point in his career to florish. He is slow as hell and he has to also have an above average OL to be at his best also. Give Mallet the job and get around 5 draft picks for Brady. With 5 picks they could shore up any lose ends by trading the picks for other picks or players. With Brady’s salary gone they can get the deep threat, keep Gronk and Welker. They really need to go and get a late career big type back and just save him for the playoffs as a time killer/pounder type. (Steven Jackson)The late career bigger backs would serve them well late in the year. Not sure why they havent done this every year. There is always a guy unsigned and in shape that wants the chance at a ring. Belichek is great but I question his management decisions sometimes.

  • John Abrahm

    It is at times like this that I worry about Patriots fans. Have any of you seen what happens to teams without QBs? The notion that you should trade a top 3 talent at the single most important position in football simply because he has trade value is retarded. Unless the Patriots could get Rodgers and a draft pick in return, there is no way that the Patriots could come out of a Brady trade on top. I hate band-wagon fans so much.

  • safee

    Can this page get banned for stupidity?

  • Alex Rose

    Name on QB that would ever in NFL history, that can get you 5 superbowls, 2 MVP’s and most playoff wins by a QB, best TD to INT ratio ever, cuts almost 10 mill off his own contract to save his team money, is nothing but class, lives, sleeps, breathes the new england patriots… he’ll never be anywhere else…. its like the 2012 Mayan calendar crap… a false prophecy