X Games Aspen: Shaun White Destroys Competition in Historic Men’s SuperPipe Final (Video)

Winter X Games Aspen came to it’s conclusion on Sunday night, but not before Shaun White threw down a historic performance in the Men’s SuperPipe Final. On his way to a record sixth consecutive gold medal performance, White took flight during his second run and topped out at a record breaking 24 feet in the air. White’s final score on that run was nearly perfect and he had the gold medal locked up well before he took a victory lap for his third and final run.

White’s epicness wasn’t the only historic aspect of the evening, as 14-year old Ayumu Hirano finished in second place, making him the youngest competitor ever to medal in an X Games event.

Marcus Malin finished with the bronze, and likely did so thanks to Scotty Lago’s awful final run. Lago had a chance to slide into third place had he turned in a solid final run but he biffed right out of the gate, falling hard before he could even begin the run. Shawn White attempted to lobby for Lago to get a second chance, but the judges ruled Lago’s failed run was to be his final.

Despite the fact that he finished his final run with a score of 1.00, Lago ended his night with a 90.00 being his best score, which was just 1.33 behind Malin.

But the night was all about two snowboarders, Shaun White and the young Ayumu Hirano. After winning his gold, White was asked what he thought of the young man’s run.

“I remember my first time at X Games,” White said when asked about Hirano. “I could barely drop in my knees were shaking so bad,” White said on the broadcast. “I’m proud of him. … I was surprised to see him doing so well.”

White also cryptically hints that he could be taking a bit of a break from snowboarding, saying that his X Games streak has been a good run — past tense. He likely won’t be retiring anytime soon, but at the age of 26, White has dedicated his entire life for extreme sports and it’s understandable if he wants to enjoy a few years to himself.

But obviously White’s focus will shift from the X Games to the 2014 Sochi Olympics. X Games is in the middle of a six event world tour, so White will be back in a few months when the X Games kick off in Tignes, Italy.

But for now, Whit is yet again on the top of the world he lives in, and it’s looking like he won’t leave that position until he’s ready.


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