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Allen Iverson Turns Down Offer To Join NBA D-League

News broke yesterday that Allen Iverson was going to attempt and NBA comeback, and that road may lead him to the NBA D-League. The Texas Legends reportedly were ready to offer Iverson a contract but while he appreciated the offer and respects the opportunity the D-League affords players, Iverson said the it just isn’t for him.

While he’s not heading to the NBA minor leagues, Iverson still wants to play in the NBA one more time, and is pursuing all possible avenues to achieve that goal. Iverson said his dream is to “complete” his legacy in the NBA and prove he still has what it takes to ball with the best of them.

The question then becomes, who would want to give up a roster spot and surrender actual cash to have Iverson come off the bench for them? Many people want to jump to conclusions and place Iverson with the Miami Heat or Los Angeles Lakers, but while the Heat are good enough to add a novelty like Iverson, they don’t have the cash to do so and the Lakers aren’t desperate enough to call up Iverson to save the team.

Remember, Iverson hasn’t played in the NBA since 2010 and the reason he quit more than once was because he couldn’t hack it anymore. So before you start thinking your team will sign the 2001 Allen Iverson, remember what the 2009 Allen Iverson looked like and then get back to me.

But if Iverson is serious about making a legitimate NBA comeback, he’s going to need to talk a lot about practice.

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