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Did ESPN Accidentally Air Mark Schlereth Talking Trash About Tim Tebow? (Video)

Tim Tebow loves God for blessing him with riches and fame, and ESPN loves Tim Tebow for blessing them with more riches and more fame. But while the four letter network can’t stuff themselves with enough Tebow action, not everyone is on board with becoming the cheerleader network for a guy who’s yet to prove himself in the NFL.

ESPN is live at the Super Bowl, but they must not have brought their A-squad when comes to the technical side of things. Cameras cut to Colin Kaepernick meeting with the media but immediately cut back to anchors Hannah Storm and Mark Schlereth and their microphones were hot. Ten times out of ten when a TV station cuts back to their anchors who have hot mics and don’t know it, you’re getting absolutely golden television.

When the cameras cut to the duo, Schlereth was in the middle of a spiel about how someone in the NFL is more like a tight end or an H-back than a quarterback, and that Denver Broncos coaches told him they weren’t sure this particular player was a fluid enough athlete to cut it as a quarterback.

We never got the name of the player Schlereth was talking about, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.

You have to imagine that the production supervisor was screaming in Hannah Storm’s ear that they were live on the air, as about five seconds of Schlereth’s rant, Storm snapped out of her little trance and was all business again. But they were then told to “stand-by” which implies the production team never knew they were live on the air.

Either way, Schlereth could have been talking about an NFL Draft prospect as it sounded like he was talking about a tight end who wants to play wide receiver, but it sure did sound a lot like a possible description of Tebow switching to tight end, as Schlereth references how this unnamed player “doesn’t catch the ball naturally.”

At the very least, it’s one of those awkward television moments we can all get a little chuckle out of to brighten up our day.

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