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NFL Free Agency: Vikings, Lions, Bears Could All Pursue Greg Jennings

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The Packers season has been over for some time now, but the work is far from over. Green Bay has some serious decisions they need to make, and they all start with what to do with free agent wide receiver Greg Jennings. The Packers are faced with the choice of bringing him back and overpaying for him, or letting him walk to a potential contender — perhaps even within the division.

Jennings put his house in Wisconsin up for sale recently, but this shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise to anyone. When a player’s future with a team is in question, they tend to set up and exit strategy. Jennings posting his house should be viewed as nothing more than a formality, but it’s also a telling sign of things to come.

Sure, everyone who’s future is in question posts their house, but by doing so Jennings has given the signal that he’s less than confident he’ll be back in Green Bay next season.

Again, it shouldn’t be read into too much, but it’s worth noting.

The next question would be where does Jennings go when Green Bay says they’re not bringing him back? Many believe division rivals will take a swipe at him and try to get him on their roster. The Minnesota Vikings have been eyeballing Jennings every since Green Bay hinted they wouldn’t be bringing him back. Detroit would love to get Matthew Stafford a big, familiar target and you’d be kidding yourself if you didn’t think a Brandon Marshall-Greg Jennings tandem whet the appetite of the Chicago Bears.

There is no reason the Packers need to bring Jennings back next year and they likely  won’t. But the real question is while Jennings is putting his house up for sale, how far away from home is he really going to move?

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