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Super Bowl 2013: Ray Lewis Forgives Wes Welker's Wife for Bringing up Murder

Wes Welker’s wife became a flash in the pan phenomenon when she blasted Ray Lewis after the AFC Championship game. She didn’t reference a dirty hit or a bad call, rather she dug up 13 years worth of dirt and referenced Ray Lewis’ 2000 murder trial as though it was relevant to the game her husband had just lost.

Welker’s wife eventually apologized but the damage had already been done. On his first day in front of the media in New Orleans, Lewis said he’s forgiven Welker’s wife for what she said about him, saying everyone makes mistakes.

Emphasis on the irony there.

“I’ve always been a firm believer of the Good Book, and the Good Book always confirms, even a fool is counted wise until he opens he or she mouth,” Lewis said, via Jimmy Toscano of “And sometimes people just say silly stuff. And they say it out of emotion. And sometimes you need to let the game take care of the game. We lost up there last year, and I didn’t hear one teammate say anything about nobody there because we have respect for that team, that they won it fair and square.”

Lewis finished by saying he’s got no hard feelings against Welker or his wife and that he’s going live and let live rather than make this a bigger deal than it has to be.

“So for her to come out and say what she said, listen, I truly forgive her,” Lewis said. “I have no hard feelings against her at all, but I believe people just make mistakes and say foolish things sometimes.”

Many believe that Lewis has embodied a true story of redemption, and would rather see him as the man he’s become since that fateful day in 2000 rather than the man he was before it. Whether you like it or not, at least superficially Ray Lewis has matured into a man and if there’s anyone who can speak on people learning from their mistakes, it’s him.

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