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Chip Kelly Might Be Targeting Former Oregon QB Dennis Dixon

Earlier this week it was announced that Chip Kelly might be looking at getting rid of both Michael Vick and Nick Foles this offseason, which means today’s report that Kelly is pursuing Dennis Dixon holds some serious water. CSN Philadelphia Eagles reporter Geoff Mosher reported on Wednesday that Kelly is considering signing his former quarterback at Oregon to run his offense in Philadelphia.

So far, Kelly has yet to drop clues about the direction he’s headed in at the game’s most important position but the captain of Kelly’s spread offense attack probably won’t be an aging Michael Vick or vaguely mobile Nick Foles.

If Kelly plans to build an offense that not only fits his vision but also can compete from the get-go, he needs a quarterback that understands his scheme and has the skill set to flourish in it.

Nobody on the current roster fits that description, but all signs point to Kelly having his man by next week. There are strong indications that Kelly won’t waste too much time after the Super Bowl before reaching out to Ravens practice squad quarterback Dennis Dixon and bringing him to Philadelphia.

Dixon has spent time with the Pittsburgh Steelers and is currently on the Baltimore Ravens practice squad. According to, Dixon has been playing the part of Colin Kaepernick in the Ravens practices leading up to the Super Bowl. Dixon also played the part of RGIII in the Ravens preparations for their game against the Redskins.

Basically, Dixon has been pretending to be a star starting quarterback, but his old college coach might actually be giving him top billing. Dixon went out of his way to thank Kelly for the way he taught him when he was at Oregon.

“I had to thank a number of coaches [for my success in college] because I started under center when I first got to [Oregon], and then things started to progress into Chip Kelly’s [offense] towards my junior year,” Dixon told at Super Bowl media day. “But Chip Kelly had a lot to do with that, and I hope nothing but the best for him in the NFL and I know that whatever scheme that he brings he’ll bring the best out of everybody.”

Dixon suffered a pretty gruesome injury back in 2007 while at Oregon, and it was that injury that set him back in his playing career. Kelly was his coach when that happened, and although it took six years, Dixon might finally be getting another chance to prove that he’s the man to run Kelly’s offense.

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