Second-Grade Class Corrects Grammar and Spelling of Athlete Twitter Accounts

We are in an age where sports fans love to use social media to connect with their favorite athletes. On many occasions, the athletes will respond to their followers and create a connection of their own with the fans — or their potential fake girlfriend. Regardless, Twitter has given everyone a better opportunity to get inside the minds of the stars of the sports world.

Unfortunately for grammar Nazis and spelling bee champions, athletes do not always excel in that area. In fact, Twitter is the one place where we get to see just how bad athletes are at things off-the-field.

To highlight athletes poor use of grammar and spelling on Twitter, a second-grade class at  Elmwood Franklin School in New York got to practice their English skills by correcting tweets from some current NFL players. It’s hilarious to see and a great assignment from the teacher, but it has to be rough if you are one of the multi-millionaires who is getting corrected by a child.

Here are some of the corrections from the Elmwood Franklin School second-grade class:

We started off with the most acceptable mistake. We have all been there before — in a rush and trying to hurry a message. Especially with some of these touch keyboards typos will happen. We understand, Wes, don’t feel too bad about this one.

Okay. Now we are getting a little worse. Young likes to throw in capital letters in random places and drop off letters to end words. I guess we really shouldn’t be surprised that Young forget the period at the end of his tweet, either, since he doesn’t even has the period after his name — Sr.

Finally, we present you the grand master of Super Bowl week stupidity, San Francisco 49ers safety Chris Culliver.

Culliver shouldn’t only be embarrassed by his poor grammar, but but his inappropriate comments about homosexuals in the NFL at Super Bowl Media Day. When you look through Culliver’s Twitter account, you are left dumbfounded and should be happy that this is the Culliver tweet they chose for the second-graders.

[H/T: Deadspin]

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