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Super Bowl 2013: Harbaugh Brothers Become First Head Coaches to Hold Joint Press Conference

For the first time in NFL history, two brothers are opposing each other has head coaches in the Super Bowl, so naturally they’re making history in virtually everything they do. Both Jim and John Harbaugh held a joint press conference on Friday, making it the first time in the history of the Super Bowl that opposing head coaches met with the media together.

But while they rarely meet each other in their football lives, Jim and John nearly joined the same staff at Stanford back in the day.

“We almost made it happen at Stanford at one time,” John said. “It would be an honor to have him on the staff. He’s a great coach. You always try to get great coaches, and there are none better than Jim Harbaugh, and I mean that seriously. There’s no better coach in the National Football League than this guy right here.”

Awh, isn’t that just too cute. It’s almost disappointing that these guys are acting more like brothers and less like the fierce competitors that they truly are, but what should we have expected? But while both Jim and John, as well as their father Jack, all are known for their intense competitiveness, the brothers blamed their mother when it came to the person who gets most riled up by competition.

“There is no one in the family who has more competitive fire than my mother,” Jim said. “She competes like a maniac. She has just always believed in us, and I think that is the most important thing to me. She believed in me, John, and Joanie, and took us to games and played catch with us, shot baskets with us, and just believed in us.”

In all honesty, football is a family game that is passed down from father to son, and it’s truly amazing to see two brothers who had the game passed down to them, both sitting up on the stage preparing to battle for the Super Bowl. No matter who ends up winning the ‘Harbaugh Bowl’, there isn’t a doubt in anyone’s mind that Super Bowl XVLII will go down as one of the most memorable Super Bowls to have ever been played.

And that has everything to do with two brothers named Harbaugh.

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