Jan 30, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Toronto Raptors head coach Dwane Casey reacts to his team

Raptors' Coach Dwane Casey Fined $25,000

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The NBA has fined Raptors head coach, Dwane Casey, $25,000 US for criticizing officials during Thursday’s lost against the Atlanta Hawks.

During the fourth quarter of the game, the Hawks were up by 1 at a score of 93-94. Raptors’ Alan Anderson missed a jumper, while forward DeMar DeRozan grabbed the missed shot for the rebound. DeRozan goes under the basket to make the shot but it appeared that Hawk’s power forward, Al Horford, blocked DeRozan, making contact.

A foul wasn’t called, however Dwane Casey and the team wanted a foul. After a heated exchange with officials, no foul was called. This aggravated Casey even after the game was done in the post game conference.

According to Charles Odum of the Associated Press, Casey took out his frustration saying,

“I’m tired of this,” Casey said. “I’m tired of losing games because of missed calls at the end of the game. I know the league’s going to come down on me for this, but I don’t care. Guys have fought their hearts out, played their hearts out and at the end of the game we get cracked, apology, go back to Canada.”

Casey continued, expressing his frustration saying,

“I’ve been in this league 18 years and I’ve never seen as many missed calls at the end of the game to cost us the game,” Casey said. “We have good officials. Too good to miss calls and short-change these young men like that. And it’s not right.”

Casey has the right to be furious about the call. There could of been a call for a loose ball foul, however with seconds remaining, you’re unfortunately not going to get that call often.

Another example when the league missed a call was during the game against the Chicago Bulls earlier this month. That game went to overtime with the Bulls just surviving with a final score 107-105. Raptors’ center Amir Johnson got the inbound pass and raced towards the paint however Joakim Noah grabbed Johnson’s left arm.

A foul was called on Noah, however it wasn’t called when Johnson was shooting the ball. As well, the Raptors were not in the bonus therefore making Johnson eligible to make two free throws and tie the game to bring it to a double overtime. The league later admitted the mistake saying it should of been two free throws for Johnson but as you know it’s too late to do anything.

One more example is the game against Bobcats. Charlotte won 98-97 because a foul wasn’t called on Andrea Bargnani. As you know, the league would eventually say their sorry by issuing an apology but again it’s too late.

With all these missed calls, this brings up a big, serious question. Is there a league bias against the Toronto Raptors? What does the league have against the Raptors?

Despite the missed call at the end of the Hawk’s game, Amir Johnson is keeping his head up, and moving on.

According to the Associated Press, Johnson said during a practice, ‘

“It’s a tough situation. We play so hard and at the end of the game, we always lose it at the end,” said Johnson. “I thought the call was a foul, I thought I heard a whistle, but unfortunately we didn’t get the call and all we can do is play the next game.”

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