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Boomer Esiason Claims Ray Lewis Withheld Information During Murder Case

While Ray Lewis is playing in his last game ever, one of the biggest talkers involves his 2000 murder trial and the outcome that ruled Lewis was not guilty of any legal wrong doing. While the courts made their ruling 13 years ago, many people still believe that Lewis got away with murder after two men were killed by his posse outside of an Atlanta bar.

One of those men is CBS analyst Boomer Esiason, who openly claimed during CBS’ pregame show that Lewis wasn’t truthful during his murder trial and withheld information to ensure he wouldn’t be convicted of the crime he was accused of committing.

“I’m not so sure that I buy the answer,” Esiason said live on-air after CBS aired an interview about the murder trial. “It’s a complex legacy that we’re talking about,” he continued. “[Lewis] was involved in a double murder, and I’m not so sure he gave us all the answers that we were looking for. He knows what went on there. And he can obviously come out and say it. But he doesn’t want to say it. He paid off the families.”

After Lewis’ pregame speech to his team, which CBS aired, Boomer was very dismissive of Lewis and made it part of his Super Bowl pick to say the 49ers are going to want to prove this isn’t Lewis’ personal Super Bowl.

Boomer’s comments only seem controversial because A) they could be true and, B) he’s echoing what millions of people already think, he’s just saying it on live television before the Super Bowl. Plus, Lewis is going to work for ESPN after he retires, so it’s not like CBS’ Boomer is gong to have to bump into Lewis on a regular basis.


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  • Kim Hamberger

    Ray Lewis has already answered all that’s needed to be answered Boomer, so shut the heck up.Whats the deal….you never made that kinda name for yourself in football? Your attitude always sucks and maybe that’s why i do not usually watch cbs sports as you are always rude and think you are above.

  • gacanefanblog

    Boomer has been on the NFL Today show for years, and now he bring this up? Why didn’t you ask him or talk about this before?

  • michelle chmielewski

    Agreed. Ray has already answered the questions needed and for you and other media to come back 12 years later and try to sully this superbowl with this trash is disgusting. Last I checked you weren’t at the trial and you don’t know what happened there. You weren’t at the club that night and you don’t know what happened there either so shut up with your assumptions and guesses. It smacks of jealousy and it is pathetic. CONGRATS RAVEN AND ESPECIALLY RAY LEWIS FOR STANDING STRONG EVEN WHEN OTHERS TRY TO TEAR YOU DOWN!!