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Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers Share 'Awkward' Moment at NFL Honors (Video)

Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre aren’t two people who regularly wine and dine with one another, but the handed out an award together last night at the NFL Honors ceremony. The history between these two guys isn’t brought up very often, but for those that don’t know, it’s a strained relationship. Basically, when Aaron Rodgers was drafted as Favre’s eventual replacement in 2005, Favre shunned the kid, famously saying it wasn’t his job to take Rodgers under his wing and show him the ropes.

Turns out Rodgers can think pretty fast on his feet and figured things out just fine for himself, and already has an MVP and Super Bowl faster than Farve did when he took over as starter of the Packers.

So while it’s not a reality show-like drama, the Rodgers-Favre relationship isn’t what you’d call cozy, which is why their schtick at the NFL Honors was comedy gold.

Some genius came up with the brilliant idea of having Favre came out give the NFL Comeback Player of the Year award alongside Rodgers. As you may have guessed, the jokes focused on Favre’s numerous comebacks in the NFL and how at the end nobody wanted him around. Rodgers played the part of the audience, shooting Favre down and pretty much telling him to go home and stay home.

The men didn’t seem to be getting under one another’s skin but they did share an awkward I love you man moment after Rodgers burned Favre with a subtle comeback.

Favre and Rodgers did the whole, I pat you, you pat me, we kind of hug but stop i the middle deal that is not only awkward to be in but awkward to witness as well.

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