Kansas City Chiefs Draft Deion Sanders a.k.a. Leon Sandcastle in Super Bowl Commercial

To kick off the fourth quarter, the Kansas City Chiefs were the talk of the Twitterverse. In one of the newest Super Bowl commercials, NFL Hall of Famer and current NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders decided to re-enter the NFL Draft with an alter ego — Leon Sandcastle.

A strong performance at the NFL Scouting Combine solidified Sandcastle’s stock as the top player available, so it was obvious he would be the Chiefs first overall pick.

Immediately following the commercial, the draft community fell in love with Sandcastle.

And hey, in a draft class that lacks an elite player, can you blame anyone for getting excited over a fictional being? Even Manti Te’o was trying to hit up Sandcastle immediately after the airing of the commercial.

Here is the Leon Sandcastle commercial that took the internet by storm:

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