Papa Johns Super Bowl Coin Toss Results

The world was watching the coin toss for Super Bowl XLVII because there were millions of free pizzas on the line. The folks at Papa Johns pizza allowed viewers to vote HEADS or TAILS to predict the coin toss. The viewers who correctly predicted the coin toss result would earn free pizzas.

So how did the coin toss play out?

Head referee Jerome Boger let the coin fly and Baltimore Ravens captain Ray Lewis called heads. The coin went airborne and…

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… it landed heads.

The Ravens deferred and San Francisco got the first crack at offense in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

For those of you who voted heads, congratulations. Papa Johns will be sending you your free pizza promo code on Monday. Enjoy the free pizza! There is nothing more American than handing out some free pies.

Now, it is time to kick back and enjoy the big game.

Be sure to stay tuned to throughout Super Sunday for the latest and most up to date Super Bowl XLVII coverage. For more San Francisco 49ers news, check out our 49ers website, Niner Noise. For more Baltimore Ravens news, check out our Ravens website, Ebony Bird.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Jesus Rodriguez

    I voted heads! Woo Hoo!!!

    • Elizabeth Emma Louise Autrey

      u shuld tell me the code x)

      • Samy Cubas

        if he tells you the code you will have to type in your email and the server will not let you redeem the code because you voted tails

  • Amanda Gayle Hunter

    Love gettn fat for free!!!! Thnx!! ;)

  • Saxony Zeigler

    I voted heads! Yes!

  • Blah

    I didn’t get my code yet. If they meant midnight tonight, then it’s actually Tuesday & not Monday. Liars.

    • Abimatt

      Ur gettin it for free….like seriously tf is wrong with u pple…it’s like u want everything according to ur rules nd conditions….

  • Blah

    Why didn’t I get my code? If they meant midnight tonight, that’s actually Tuesday & not Monday. They should be more careful saying things like that.

  • Andrew Burd

    I voted heads in the superbowl coin toss, I got my free pizza code. It says it is valid from feb 7th to march 3rd. Only 1 more day and I can order my free pizza. :) Elizabeth, instead of asking for the code, you should offer to join someone with a code. I would love to share my free pizza with you. :) lol. And yes Amanda, getting fat for free is the best!!! Thanks Papa Johns!