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Super Bowl 2013 Breakfast

It’s the day football fans have been waiting for and it is time to kick Super Bowl Sunday off with a bang! In the wee hours of the morning, it is time for us all to grab our coffee, clear our heads and do some final reading on the Super Bowl XLVII matchup — which you should be doing here on

There is no doubt that you will be spending your afternoon indulging in nachos, burgers and a handful of adult beverages, but what kind of food should you get your day started with on Super Sunday. Here are a few ideas:

  • Beer Bread — what better way to get your day rolling than some tasty bread that will prepare you for the evenings beverage selection.
  • Chorizo Salsa Omelet — You know nachos could be in your future, so why no start the day off with another food that will get you saying, “hola” to your friends. The combination of egg, cheese, chorizo and salsa will give you the boost you need to get rolling. An added bonus — it’s absolutely delicious.
  • Chocolate Crunch Cereal — A healthy alternative to breakfast, while still bringing some nice chocolate flavor. With runchy wheat cereal, pretzels and almonds coated in bittersweet chocolate, how can you go wrong?
  • Flavored Coffee — coffee is an essential to any breakfast, so why not spice things up with some flavored coffee and creamers.

On top of your own breakfast, the NFL will be hosting a Super Bowl breakfast of their own where Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten will have the 2013 Bart Starr Award presented to him The Bart Starr Award is given to an athlete who displays outstanding character and leadership in the home, on the field and in the community.

The Super Bowl Breakfast will feature special guests Drew Brees, London Fletcher, Jabari Greer, Anthony Munoz, fellow 2013 Brett Starr Award finalist Justin Tuck and many more.

Be sure to stay tuned to throughout Super Sunday for the latest and most up to date Super Bowl XLVII coverage. For more San Francisco 49ers news, check out our 49ers website, Niner Noise. For more Baltimore Ravens news, check out our Ravens website, Ebony Bird.

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