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Super Bowl 2013: Five Over/Under Predictions

While the Super Bowl doesn’t kick off for another five hours or so, one thing that’s on everyone’s mind is what’s going to happen once the game actually starts. We all likely are following prop bets for the game, but even the most casual of fans is slightly familiar with some over/under numbers for Super Bowl XLVII.

Over/Under: Final Score 47.5 

Thanks to how well these teams have been playing, most over/under’s have the final score hovering around 47 points. This is a tad bit high for me, but the game could easily see each team score close to 30 points which would mean you’d need to take the over on this one. I’m taking the under since each of these defenses are going to likely show up in one of the two halves meaning a score of 24-21 is very likely. That’s pushing the over, it’s only 45 points.

Over/Under: Colin Kaepernick will Score 1 Rushing Touchdown?

I’m going to take the under on this one as well. We all thought Kaepernick was going to be more of a factor against the Falcons but he didn’t start rushing the ball until the second half and he didn’t score a touchdown. The Ravens are going to try and keep him as contained as they can, but Kaepernick proved he could get the job done using his other tool and not just his legs.

Over/Under: Will Joe Flacco Throw 1.5 Touchdowns?

Flacco has been insane lately and that’s not going to stop anytime soon. If he truly wants to be elite, he’ll need to show up big in the Super Bowl and that means throwing at least two touchdowns. Between all his receiving targets, and based on Matt Ryan’s performance against the Niners defense, I’m easily going with the over on this one.

Over/Under: Will Frank Gore Rush for 65.5 Yards?

If Kaepernick isn’t going to use his legs, Frank Gore is going to be a major factor in the game. Gore has been a big part of opening up the 49ers offense all season long, and even if Kaepernick does get mobile during the game, Gore will have to change the pace every so often. No matter who was the quarterback this year, Gore has been solid and that shouldn’t change in the Super Bowl.

Over/Under: Ray Lewis Will Have 11.5 Tackles and Assists

Under. Lewis has been the pulse of the Ravens ever since he announced he was retiring at the end of this miraculous run, but don’t expect him to take his game to an insane level in the Super Bowl. Lewis is going to be a factor in the game but he’s not going to be the factor on defense for the Ravens. He’ll get his fair share of tackles and assists but it won’t be close to 11.5 when all is said and done.

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