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Super Bowl Halftime: Flacco and Ravens Hold Commanding 21-6 Lead Over 49ers

This game is pretty much going the only way it could have gone. Both the Ravens and 49ers have stout and sound defenses, but nobody was expecting them to show up in this game and so far that’s half true. The 49ers have made a thing of giving up a lot of points but managing to make them with their awesome offense.

So far only the Ravens have showed up on both sides of the ball with the 49ers not being able to get much going in the first half. Joe Flacco came out firing on the Ravens first drive of the game, hooking up with Anquan Boldin in the end zone to give Baltimore a 7-0 lead. The Ravens defense sort of stumbled out of the gate and looked sluggish against a fast 49ers defense, but after settling in, the Baltimore defense has managed to cause two huge turnovers and hold the Niners to three.

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Flacco owns all three of the Ravens touchdowns on the day, dialing up Pitta after he hit Boldin and then ended the first half by launching an absolute bomb to Jacoby Jones who reeled in one of the best touchdown catches in Super Bowl history.

For a guy who’s not supposed to be elite, Joe Flacco looks pretty golden so far in the biggest game of his life.

Jones reeled in an absolute gem of a deep ball pass from Flacco, falling onto his back to catch it but staying alert enough to realize he wasn’t touched by anyone on his way down. Jones popped back up and sprinted into the end zone to give the Ravens a 20-6 lead heading into halftime.

The most ironic part of the game thus far has been the fact that the one guy who couldn’t score for the Niners all season long has the only points of the game for San Francisco.

Give credit to Colin Kapernick though, who despite throwing a crucial interception early in the game, continues to try and make plays with his arm. Towards the end of the second quarter and after a bad interception, Kaepernick was still trying to thread balls into tight coverage, displaying just how much confidence he has in himself and how bad his memory is.

While they have been driving all game long, the 49ers have come away with only field goals, and that’s a terrible way to try and win a Super Bowl that has seen an offensive explosion on the other side of the field.

The Niners aren’t strangers to coming back from behind in big games, going back as recently as the NFC Championship game. But they have their work cut out for them and while it’s foolish to count them out, if the Super Bowl is destined to return to San Francisco, it’s going to take a load of hard work in the second half.

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