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NFL Free Agency: Detroit Lions Cut Titus Young

Titus Young had a very public falling out with the Detroit Lions this season, going as far as to sabotage the team on the field in the middle of a game to make a protest. The Lions quickly deactivated him after that and have wasted no time in cutting Young at the first chance they could. Young took to his Twitter account in January to blast the Lions, basically daring them to cut him.

Young was a second round draft pick by the Lions back in 2011 and was looking like he was going to be able to step up and be one of the Lions top receiving targets for Matthew Stafford. He showed glimpses of what could have been, but he also showed a lot of behavioral issues that ultimately were the reason the Lions cut him.

Young is young and brimming with talent, and he’ll now be subject to the NFL’s waivers process. It will be interesting to see if a team claims him. Young’s 2013 base salary is scheduled to be $555,000.

Young no doubt has talent, and receivers with behavioral issues aren’t rare in the NFL. So the chances someone takes a chance on his is guaranteed. Young might even stay within the division as the Packers, Vikings and Bears could all use someone like Young to liven up their offenses and help open things up.

Don’t lose sleep worrying about where Young will work again, but just remember what he did in Detroit before you start thinking he’s going to fix your team’s problems.

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