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Despite Firing, Cam Cameron Will Get a Super Bowl Ring

He was infamously fired near the end of the Ravens season, but while he wasn’t officially part of the Super Bowl winning staff, offensive coordinator Cam Cameron will be receiving a Super Bowl ring from t team that fired him. He had been Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco’s only offensive coordinator up to his firing, and although he left on questionable terms, winning seems to change a lot of attitudes.

John Harbaugh, the man that helped okay Cameron’s firing, said there is no bad blood between the two men and that he thinks Cameron in every way deserves a Super Bowl ring.

“In my mind, he is definitely going to get a ring. He deserves a ring,” Harbaugh told Michael Rosenberg of Sports Illustrated.

Cameron basically applauded Harbaugh for firing him earlier this yea, saying he’s not holding a grudge against him and that the firing must have been the right move, since the Ravens are Super Bowl champions without him.

“It’s funny, you go from being an offensive coordinator to a fan in a split second,” Cameron said earlier this year. “People think that’s hard to do, but for me, it’s not hard. How can you not pull for Joe and Matt Birk and Torrey and Jacoby and Ray and Marshal and Dennis, and Ray Lewis?”

The Ravens were 9-4 when they fired Cameron, and many thought that he was a scape goat for the recent sour streak the Ravens hit. He’s going to find work again in the NFL, and when he does he’ll be wearing a Super Bowl ring.

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