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Baltimore Ravens Won't Restructure Contracts to Keep Team Together

The Baltimore Ravens may have won the Super Bowl, but they have a much bigger challenge ahead of them. Financial constraints are going to keep the Ravens from having enough money to bring back all the members of their Super Bowl champion team, and history has shown the Ravens front office that restructuring contracts after a Super Bowl isn’t the best idea ever.

After winning Super Bowl XXXV, the Ravens dug deep into their pockets to restructure the deals of many of their players so they could keep the nucleus of their franchise intact. While the move was supposed to usher in a dynasty for the Ravens, Baltimore instead made the playoffs two of the next three years and became increasingly tight in the budget.

General manager Ozzie Newsome said that he’s open to restructuring a few deals for specific players but he’s not going to give everyone what they want.

But while the team did win a Super Bowl, the roster as a whole is aging and many players will be at least 33 years old in October. Anquan Boldin is a player many people would like to see back next season but his $5.5 million salary is one of the biggest contracts causing the Ravens problems at the moment. Baltimore has to find the cash to give Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco a brand new deal as well, one that could end up being one of the highest paid contracts in football.

There are plenty of decisions yet to be made in Baltimore and while the champagne is still flowing and people are still falling off Super Bowl floats, the good times are going to come to an end and the hardships of running an NFL front office will once again hit Baltimore.

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