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Brian Cushing “Ahead of Schedule” in ACL Rehab

It happened a while ago and has been blurred by numerous other injuries like it, which is likely why most NFL fans have almost completely forgotten about it. However, even if it’s been pushed back by similar injuries to guys like Robert Griffin III and Rajon Rondo, Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing is trying to comeback from a devastating ACL injury he suffered early on in the 2012 season.

The good news for Texans fans, is that Cushing appears to be “ahead of schedule” in his rehab and will definitely be ready for offseason workouts and the start of the 2013 season.

Cushing tore his ACL back in October in a Monday Night Football game against the New York Jets. Cushing to a low blow from Jets offensive lineman Matt Slauson which ended up tearing his ACL and ending his season early.

Despite the success they continued to have without Cushing, many believe had Houston not lost their star linebacker, they could have possibly made a deeper run in the AFC playoffs and might not have fallen off or faded as quickly as they did at the end of the season. J.J. Watt truly came into his own during the 2012 season, but we will forever be left wondering what could have been if Cushing would have been lining up behind the Defensive Player of the Year throughout the season.

But for Texans fans, it’s on to next season and for Cushing, it’s on to hopefully rebounding in a big way from a bad injury. Thanks to the MVP season Adrian Peterson had less than a year after tearing his ACL, there is suddenly new hope that all athletes can bounce back from the injury better than they were before.

So far, Peterson is an anomaly, but with he advancements in medicine and the raw determination of athletes like Cushing, Peterson won’t be the only player to bounce back from and ACL injury with an insane season.

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