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LaRon Landry: Tim Tebow Should Have Been Allowed to Pass More

If you’re sick of hearing about Tim Tebow, it’s high time you learned that the sports world requires a steady, Clockwork Orange dosage of Tim Tebow on a daily basis. When there is nothing to talk about, or it seems like there’s nothing to talk about, the crutch is always Tim Tebow. But while sports talk (*cough* ESPN *cough*) can’t get enough of him, we barely saw Timmy during the season.

Not everyone is overjoyed by the lack of Tebow in 2012. If it seemed to you that whenever you saw Tebow on the field he was running the ball, that’s not because you missed the plays where he passed. Tebow was used strictly as a running back during his time in New York and not everyone is pleased about it.

New York Jets safety LaRon Landry said that while it was nice to see Tebow on the field, he should have been passing instead of running the ball.

“It got to the point where Tim’s going into the game, it’s going to be a power,” Landry told ESPN on Wednesday, via the New York Daily News. “I would have loved to see him throw the ball a little more.”

When Tebow was acquired in the offseason last year, the thought was that the Jets were holding Mark Sanchez’s feet to the fire in an effort to get him out of his slump and onto a winning path. But what ended up happening was the Jets coddled Sanchez, continued to pay him a fat extension salary and refused to let Tim Tebow even look at a football in any other way than a running back.

Tebow is likely done in New York, but the Jets have yet to cut him and have yet to announce plans to cut him. There’s a new general manager in town which means there’s a possibility Tebow stays in New York and is used in a proper way in 2013.

No matter what happens to Tebow, one thing is certain: the Jets botched how they could have used Tebow and nobody, including their own players, are going to let them live it down.

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