Feb 5, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Fans cheer during the Baltimore Ravens victory parade and celebration for Super Bowl XLVII through the streets of Baltimore. Mandatory Credit: Maxwell Kruger-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Ravens Fans Trampled, Murdered During Super Bowl Ceremony (Video)

Mandatory Credit: Maxwell Kruger-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to Ray Lewis, the Baltimore Ravens are forever connected to stabbing murders. Guilty or not, people still contest that Lewis is a guilty man that got away with murder. But while Lewis isn’t going to be around anymore, the sick stories of stabbing murders will as the Ravens Super Bowl ceremony was reportedly plagued by trampling, stabbings and even murder.

Ravens execs expected roughly 30,000 people to show up to the free event which right there should have told you that the people that are supposed to be in control of the situation have absolutely no idea with what they’re actually dealing with.

For most fans, the event was a joyous occasion, a climax of emotions and pleasure culminating in one of the best moments of their sports lives. But for others, the event was like walking into a Mad Max movie, where women literally had to shield their children from violent fans trying to force them from their seats.

One incident occurred in Section 119 where a mother was desperately trying to defend her two children from fans threatening them with violence if they didn’t give up their seats to them.

“I was physically fighting them off to not trample my children and to trample the other children that were with us,” said the woman. ” They were yelling racial slurs.  They said that if we didn’t move, they were going to stab us… like all this craziness.”

She wasn’t the only one to endure this disgusting brand of fandom. Three rows of families with their children had to push past violent aggressors, giving up seats they had claimed nearly three hours before.

“I know a lot of people had a great time and a memorable time and I think that’s wonderful,” the mother said. “But I just feel like this needs to be heard, because it was really unsafe and I really feel that the police were completely outnumbered and they couldn’t have helped us if they tried, and they did try.”

The event at M&T Bank Stadium filled up fast and the Ravens had to close their gates. But that didn’t stop fans from scaling the walls to get inside the ceremony. (Credit: US PRESSWIRE)

While this mother was able to fend off aggressors and protect her children, another mother wasn’t so lucky. Her 11-year old son was trampled and taken to the hospital after suffering a concussion and an eye injury after fans pushed him and his mother down to rush towards open seats inside the stadium. The mother recanted her horrifying story to the Baltimore-Sun, basically saying despite grabbing onto her sons hand with all her might, he was swept away by the wave of fans and trampled.

Tiffany Hodge said all she wanted to do was bring her son Tyreke to see his hero Ray Rice, but what started as a dream day became a nightmare and ended in the hospital.

“I was holding my son’s hand, but instantly it was gone,” Hodge said in an interview Thursday. “It was too late. They had already trampled on top of us.”

The violence extended beyond the stadium as well, and unfortunately was amplified as well. After the celebration, just three blocks from M&T Bank Stadium, a 15-year old was stabbed to death outside of a McDonald’s after he and his two friends were attacked by a man police are still looking for. 15-year-old Deontae Smith died as a result of his wounds while his two friends remain in a local Baltimore hospital.

Baltimore police insist the incident is not at all related to the Super Bowl ceremony, but as they wiped the bloody eggs off their face they admitted that the three friends had been at the Super Bowl ceremony prior to the murder. Smith’s mother is taking up a crusade against the city of Baltimore, as she’s claiming the police and the city are downplaying her son’s murder while the national spotlight is on Baltimore.

A surveillance camera captured the entire murder and police are still looking for the suspect in Smith’s slaying.

Fan violence at sporting events is not a new thing, but its seen a amplification in terms of it’s seriousness in recent years. After the NFC Championship game, a 49ers fans stabbed an Atlanta Falcons fan in the throat and there have been plenty of similar incidents around not only the NFL but all professional sports in America.

The NFL is currently fighting a decline in attendance, a decline they’re blaming on the advancements of home theatre technology. But one of the comforts of watching even a Super Bowl ceremony from the comfort of your own home, is the piece of mind that you won’t be harassed, trampled or stabbed to death for attending.

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