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NBA Trade Rumors: Bulls-Raptors Discussed Carlos Boozer Trade

The NBA trade deadline is looming, and while we’ve already had one big name move to Toronto, the Raptors seem hellbent on bringing in another before everything is said and done. The Chicago Bulls have been trying to dump Carlos Boozer and his bloated salary for the better part of two years now and they may have finally found someone foolish enough to take him off their hands.

Both the Bulls and Raptors are mulling a deal that would send power forward Carlos Boozer to Toronto in exchange for Raptors forward Andrea Bargnani with other players thrown in to balance out the salary cap math.

Marc Stein of ESPN first reported the deal was a possibility, but while the move makes sense for both sides, there are some hangups along the way. Most notably, the whole reason the Bulls are trying to rid themselves of Boozer is the fact that he’s a bloated contract they don’t want on the books anymore.

The Raptors would love to have a frontcourt that consist of Rudy Gay, Jonas Valanciunas and Carlos Boozer but the question becomes can the Raptors afford to keep that frontcourt intact after this season?

On the flip side, the Bulls would love to find a solution for their lack of three-point ability but while Bargnani provides that, he’s less than impressive as a defender and Tom Thibodeau’s system requires defensive minded players. If there’s a guy in the NBA that can zap every last drop of defensive ability out of a player, it’s Thibodeau and even if Bargnani is riddled with defensive deficiencies, the prospect of having him as a pick-and-roll partner once Derrick Rose comes back is almost too good to pass up.

K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune notes that a Boozer-Bargnani swap is a cute idea, it’s unlikely to happen.

Johnson also noted that it was the trade talks are currently not active and are expected to lay dormant for the time being. The NBA trade deadline is February 21st, which means if this is a deal that’s eventually going to happen, it needs to get moving some time soon if both sides want resolution before it’s too late to make a move.

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