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Ray Rice Tumbles off Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Float (Video)

Ray Rice has made a career out of staying his feet and avoiding defenders. But it seems once you win the Super Bowl, all bets are off and those otherwise sturdy legs are not match for a motorized Super Bowl parade float. While celebrating his first ever Super Bowl win with the Ravens on Monday, Rice was caught off-guard by a sudden stop the float made and he lost a very simple and one-sided battle with physics and gravity.

Rice talked about falling off the float in a radio interview later in the week.

“You know, the float stopped short and I fell off of it, but I caught myself,” Rice laughed. “I’m good though. I’m telling y’all that because y’all are my boys. Ray Rice has no injuries. I fell off the float, but I’m good. [...] I caught myself in the pushup position, got back up and said, ‘Let’s party.’”

Thankfully, Rice is in good spirits about the whole incident and is trying to be smooth about making a fool of himself on the float. It wasn’t like Rice struggled and stumbled off the float after a few moment — he went flying off the float like something straight out of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Rice is fine and we all have a funny video to look back on. It could have been worse though, Rice simply fell off a float so it wasn’t like he got trampled or stabbed or anything like that.

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