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Tim Lincecum is Sporting a new Rachel Maddow Hairdo

Good ol’ Timmy Lincecum is an interesting character in Major League Baseball. Known for throwing insane heat while sporting lovely lady-locks, Giants fans didn’t really know what they were dealing with so they decided to dub him ‘The Freak’. But Lincecum has struggled the past two seasons and despite playing a role in the Giants winning two World Series during his tenure, he’d like to work on getting back to his Cy Young ways.

So the new look Lincecum is sporting a new look, chopping off his locks for a more modern look. Note that I said modern, not better.

USA Today is desperately trying to justify Lincecum’s new hairdo by comparing him to the lavish and sleek Joseph Gordon-Levitt. While that might be what USA Today and Tim Lincecum see when they look in the mirror, the rest of us probably see MSNBC political commentator Rachel Maddow.

The bottom line here really is I don’t care what Tim Lincecum’s hair looks like and I’m sure as long as he’s striking out batters in San Francisco, Giants fans wouldn’t care if he trotted out there in a flaming clown suit while riding a golden unicycle singing a Muppet’s song. We’re obsessed with appearance nowadays, and while Lincecum did get a haircut hilariously close to that of Rachel Maddow’s, he literally goes to a job where he puts on a hat.

I guess this really all comes down to what you’re into and how you interpret the picture. You see a dreamy, professional actor when you look at Tim Lincecum, I’m torn between seeing a pot-head Cy Young winner and a lesbian liberal.

To each his own.

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