Ole Miss Sends 54 Handwritten Letters to 2014 Recruit (Photo)

The Ole Miss Rebels were one of the big winners on National Signing Day when they were able to land a historic recruiting class that included three players who were ranked No. 1 at their position — Robert Nkemdiche (No. 1 DE), Laquon Treadwell (No. 1 WR) and Laremy Tunsil (No. 1 OT). While there were some questions raised about the tactics Ole Miss used to land their recruits, there was no wrongdoing to be found.

Now, a 2014 recruit is giving us some insight to the tactics Ole Miss is using on the recruiting trail. It may not be a violation of any NCAA rules, but it certainly seems to be annoying for a player and mailman to be slammed with so many letters.

Four-star linebacker recruit Clifton Garrett sent out an image on Instagram of letters he was receiving from Division I programs that were expressing their interest. Out of the 59 letters sent to Garrett, 54 were handwritten letters from Ole Miss.


Here is the photo that Garrett shared with his followers:

Hotty Toddy, that is a lot of letters.

While the letters could be overwhelming and excessive, they are not against regulations. Per regulation expert John Infante writes:

On the one hand, Ole Miss shows you that schools cannot be trusted to set reasonable limits even when a recruiting activity is as tightly regulated as printed materials are … The one area with wiggle room is the number you can send to a prospect. Ole Miss (and many other programs) took that sliver of an open door and shoved it off the hinges.

On the other hand, it also shows that the existing rules are ineffective in preventing schools from sending a lot of mail. There is no way the NCAA would regulate the frequency of mailing things to prospects. It is far too expensive and difficult to monitor. So if mailings will be unlimited, why spend the additional time and money to check them against rules about how big the paper can be and how many sides have color printing?

It surely appears that Garrett was not upset with the mass mailing technique of Ole Miss, so there is no reason to slow down. One thing is for certain, the 54 letters that appeared in Garrett’s mailbox are a clear indication that the Ole Miss are interested in the recruit. Safe to say, the Rebels message was delivered loud and clear.

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    Hand written checks Im sure

    • http://www.facebook.com/mrbrettsummers Brett Summers

      Yes that’s exactly what it is. Because 54 different individual checks definitely won’t leave a paper trail

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        he is a redneck and a rockstar… if stereotypes have taught me anything this guy must be retarded…

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          Aww how cute. Actually I entered the University of Mississippi as pre-med and on scholarship, and am currently a senior. But nice guess though, you were quite close.

  • phil

    Money orders all from cam newtons dad lol

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    Man, that’s borderline creepy. Pretty much stalking in any area of life besides trying to blow a teenage football player.