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St. Louis Rams Officials Say Fans Need to "Take a Deep Breath" Regarding Relocation

The St. Louis Rams are in an interesting situation and it has their fans very nervous about the future of the Rams in St. Louis. The team wants either a new stadium or significant upgrades to the current stadium they have right now, the Edward Jones Dome, or they’re going to find a city that will satisfy their needs.

St. Louis officials scored a major victory when it comes to getting the Rams those updates, but the decision to upgrade the Edward Jones Dome is ultimately up to the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission and they haven’t officially signed off any any upgrades to any stadium yet. But while that’s cause for concern, officials are telling fans to take a chill pill, because even if the team does leave they can’t do so until 2015.

“To be honest, everybody ought to take a deep breath,” St. Louis County policy wonk Mike Jones told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  “The reality is nothing really happens before the 2015 season.”

But while the decision seems to be up to the CVC, they’re saying the decision’s not up to them — which means fans really do have a cause to be concerned. As it stands now, the only people who can make sure the Rams stay are saying they have no say in whether the Rams stay or go.

Let the blame game begin.

“The options are all theirs.  Not ours,” CVC president Kathleen “Kitty” Ratcliffe said. “There is no specific plan at this point. [The arbitrators] did us a favor with that ruling. Now the community can have a broader conversation about the Rams.  And the CVC is not the tip of the spear for that conversation.”

Basically, if St. Louis officials continue to  be bull-headed and look the other way when it comes to giving the Rams what they need to stay in St. Louis, the franchise will leave. Los Angeles has been itching to get a team once again and there would be no better storybook ending to their search than to have the Rams return to Hollywood.

The only thing about that, is that Rams fans in St. Louis are being screwed over by people that are supposed to make decisions but are incredibly afraid to do so.

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