Save Olympic Wrestling Campaign Continues to Go Viral (#SaveOlympicWrestling)

The International Olympic Committee decided to make the very controversial decision to pull wrestling from the list of Olympic events. While wrestling was chosen to be eliminated from the games, there is still hope that the sport can be included if it receives the most votes at a meeting in September.

Let’s start by saying the IOC is out of their mind for removing wrestling. It’s the oldest sport along with running and is one of the most pure competitions in the world. With other sports, you have outside influences and variables that can influence the winner of the competition. With wrestling, it is truly man to man and the best athlete wins. That is how competition is supposed to be and we are all being robbed thanks to the IOC’s asinine decision.

Who wants to watch people participate in the modern pentathlon or synchronized swimming? Hell, let’s not even mention rhythmic gymnastics.

It is a total sham to remove the IOC from the Olympics and the committee should be ashamed of themselves for trying to pull off this heist.

Many athletes and fans of the sport have come to the defense of wrestling and put together the “Save Olympic Wrestling” or #SaveOlympicWrestling campaign that has taken the Twitter world by storm and has become a viral sensation. The campaign has generated hundreds of thousands of supporters and the IOC will not be able to ignore this noise.

Here are some of the tweets from wrestling’s most notable names:



UFC light-heavyweight contender and lifelong wrestler Chael Sonnen even sounded off on national television about the horrible decision by the IOC:

It really is a shame to see such a great sport and pure competition in danger because a few out of touch people are deciding to put it on the back burner for less eventful and qualified sports. We hope that you all join the #SaveOlympicWrestling movement and help this amazing sport that is one life support.

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