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New York Jets Expect Darrelle Revis to Be Ready in April

There have been numerous trade rumors surrounding New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, but before anyone can actually trade for him we all need to know when he’ll be healed from his ACL injury he suffered during this past season. According to a New York Jets trainer, Revis is expected to be back and ready to go in April — which means he’s projected to be healthy in time for a draft day trade.

“For me, I think I’m thumbs up in April, I’m going to get the green light [that Revis is ready for on-field work] in April,” said Will Sullivan, Revis’ on-field trainer. “The great thing is, there’s been no setbacks, it’s been a great surgery, he’s doing the right things — he hasn’t done too much, he hasn’t done too little. He’s doing just enough to make sure he’s cooperating with the doctor and physical therapist. Once I get the green light in April, it’s time to go hit it hard on the field.”

Revis tore his ACL five months in a game against the Miami Dolphins and if he hits the field again in April it will mark seven months since he suffered the injury. With the MVP season Adrian Peterson had after tearing his ACL, the hope is that Revis will come back and be better than he ever was, which if you’re not familiar was pretty darn good.

The question at that point becomes do the Jets try to trade Revis and take whatever value they can get for him or do they take a risk by keeping him knowing that he could either never be the same guy he was before or knowing that they won’t be able to re-sign him after the season regardless of the success he does or doesn’t have.

For now though, Revis is focused on recovery and all eyes will be on how much of an elite cornerback he is when he comes back after suffering an injury that five years ago would have likely ruined his career.

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