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2013 NBA All-Star Game: Chris Bosh Named Eastern Conference Starter

Eastern Conference All-Star head coach Erik Spoelstra has named one of his own as a start for this Sunday’s game. Chris Bosh was named as Roajon Rondo’s All-Star starter replacement meaning Miami’s entire Big-3 lineup will be starting the All-Star game for the East. Dwayne Wade and LeBron James were already named starters and they join Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett as starters.

There was some drama surrounding whether Spoelstra would buckle and stay in-house when it came to naming Rondo’s replacement, and the hints he dropped two weeks ago ended up being spot on. Spoelstra said that he would remain loyal to the Heat in naming any replacement starters and he stayed true to his word.

Obviously, everyone in the world who’s not a Heat fan is instantly going to have a problem with the announcement especially since Spoelstra made it known that he was going to be a homer in his decision. Cleveland Cavaliers fans are particularly upset as they’ve essentially been screwed over by the Heat once again as Kyrie Irving (the conventional choice) was passed over in favor of Bosh.

With Bosh now confirmed to be starting, the East’s starting lineup will consist of four frontcourt players and just one guard in Dwyane Wade. Not that it really matters since the All-Star game is one of the most meaningless exhibition games in all of sports, but Spoelstra shaking his Heat pom-poms deserves every bit of dripping criticism is gets.

But hey, it’s the All-Star game so how upset can we really get?

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