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Report: Eagles Have No Plans to Trade Nick Foles

Earlier on Thursday night is was reported that the Kansas City Chiefs were interested in trading for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, but according to the Eagles that’s not going to happen. But while the Eagles have shot down reports of trading Foles, that doesn’t mean a trade has been completely ruled out. According to, the Eagles will only be trading Foles if they’re “blown away” by an offer.

It must be considered that Foles might not be the quarterback who is eventually traded if one happens. Right now, after the signing of Dennis Dixon on Thursday, the Eagles are carrying four quarterbacks (Vick, Foles, Dixon and Trent Edwards) and will almost certainly trade one of them before the pre-season starts. The best possible move would be to trade Foles, as the Eagles have clearly moved in a mobile direction with their quarterbacks and Foles isn’t quite mobile enough to fit.

So one of the ways to boost a guys trade value is to make it look like you don’t want to get rid of him — which is exactly what the Eagles are doing now.

By saying they’re not interested in trading Foles, they’re really saying they’re not selling him cheap. The Chiefs may want him but the Eagles are going to want some high draft picks in return for him. Other teams may throw their hats into the ring as well knowing that Foles is for sale at the right price. But the question becomes what exactly is the “right price” for Foles?

Alex Smith is also on the trade market, which means teams will have to decide who they want to give up the high draft picks for. If anything, Philly not dangling yet still dangling Foles is going to be one of the most interesting story-lines to watch this offseason.

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