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Report: Titus Young Cut By St. Louis Rams

The interesting journey of Titus Young has taken another bizarre twist today, as the recently fired Rob Parker is reporting that ex-Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young has been cut by the St. Louis Rams just days after claiming him off of waivers from Detroit. Before you get too hot and bothered, let’s remember what Parker is most famous for and how he’s not known to break news.

But it’s worth mentioning that Parker is a Detroit based writer and he may have some sort of connection to Young that is unknown to the general public. Either way, if he’s whiffing on this story and completely making it up, what little journalistic credibility he has will forever be crushed, and despite the stupid things he says on television, he’s not a stupid man and he knows what’s on the line by breaking this story.

However, the Rams are refusing to comment on the odd story, and when reached for one they simply replied they didn’t have a comment. Jeff Fisher is expected to hold a press conference later this afternoon, but it’s to announce Tim Walton as the Rams’ new defensive coordinator and has nothing to do with Young — at least as far as we know.

If Parker’s story is indeed true and the Rams have already grown tired of Young, it will continue one of the most bizarre falls a wide receiver has had in recent memory. Young was set to rise in the Lions receiving corp in Detroit before getting rubbed the wrong way by the coaching staff and thusly sabotaging the team in a nationally televised game.

Mutiny isn’t something looked highly upon in the NFL and individual mutiny is an even lower form of character.

We won’t know for sure until this afternoon who was right and who has egg on their face, but if Young has indeed already worn out his welcome in St. Louis in the matter of a week, don’t expect other teams to drop everything to get him on their roster.

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